Sunday, 26 March 2017

WYATT The WARRIOR – Linear Scleroderma and Raynauds in a young boy

As told by Candace, Wyatt's super hero mom:
Wyatt is a 10 year old boy who was diagnosed with linear scleroderma at the age of 8.

A lot of people ask me, how did you find it?
I had noticed what looked like dirt on his ankle and accused him of not showering properly. I later took an alcohol prep pad to wipe it, and it didn't come off. The more I looked at the leg I noticed ‘the dirt’ travelled up his leg. It had already crossed 3 joints, the ankle, knee and hip, all on the right side. It was spreading to his chest and on to the right elbow as well.

After several trips to the doctors office and and firing one doctor, we had a positive RNA test. That rheumatologist knew right away, what it was. Wyatt was started on Methotrexate and was told he would take daily injections for 4-6 years.

Since his diagnosis he has had several other things come out of the wood work. He now has frequent migraines, and is a on a daily medication for them, plus takes Vit B2 to help. He has tried several other vitamins and meds but they have not worked very well. Wyatt has what the medics call ‘a cocktail’ - which is 3 meds he takes all together, as a rescue for when they get really bad.

Wyatt has had severe problems with his GI tract. He feels nauseated most of the time, which I can't even start to know how it feels, when you want to throw up all the time. It has to be miserable. He is on 2 daily medications to help with this, along with his appetite. Zofran is his best friend all the time, we never leave home without it.

Wyatt now has a tic disorder, they seemed to keep getting worse so we went to another neurologist , who prescribed daily tablets.

Wyatt also takes folic acid because the mouth sores get too bad without it.

Just in the last few months we had a positive RNP antibody test, this leans us towards a Mixed Connective Tissue disease. We have not identified which one yet, and I hope it does not strike until after he is in his adulthood. We did baseline tests on the heart, lungs and GI tract.

Wyatt has had a lot of ups and downs since his diagnosis. He misses a lot of school, and has to sit out of some sports now. But I will say he NEVER gives up!!! Wyatt always tries to battle through. He is stronger than I could ever be.

We were recently able to raise the funds to put up a billboard in our area. We have taken Wyatt the Warrior and made it a foundation to help other families out in need. We have donated lots of stuff from crafts, gripper socks, christmas gift to the local hospital and now we are collecting play doh for them. We have volunteered and feed the homeless, as well as, send funds to 4 other scleroderma patients and their families. We will be giving more out soon.’

Way to Go Candace and Wyatt! 

To keep up to date with Wyatt follow his Facebook page  

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Thank you for your support!

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